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  • Business suits* for men and women

  • Wedding suits*  for bridegrooms

  • Shirts

  • Trousers

  • Vests

  • Sports jackets (blazers) for mix and match

 * comprises of one jacket and a pair of trousers.


What to expect when you choose to custom-tailor your garments with us.

1. Getting to know you

It all begins with getting to know you, and understanding your dressing needs.

  • Everyday use or for a special occasion?

  • Any materials and styles you already have in mind? Don’t worry if you don’t have anything in mind – our Master Tailor will guide you through the many different options available.

  • When do you need your suit to be ready by?

2. Selecting the Materials

We carry a wide selection of the fine materials from England, Italy, and other countries for you to choose from, including wool, cashmere, silk, linen, cotton (for shirts) and many others.

3. Taking Measurements

To ensure a good fit, we take measurements in multiple areas of your body frame, from your neck all the way down to your ankle.

4. Choosing a style

We begin by selecting a basic style:

  • Classic or Contemporary

  • Formal or Semi-Formal

  • Single-breasted or Double-Breasted

  • Other requirements


We then customize your suit to fit your particular body type. We take every aspect into consideration to create a suit that will highlight your best features. We also plan for any other requirements that you may have, such as: you’d like the last button on your cuff to be a different colour; you need a special pocket for your glasses, mobile phone, or business cards, etc.

5. Scheduling

We’ll set up a fitting session that fits your schedule.

6. Cutting

We create sample pattern pieces based on the customised individual design derived from your body type and style choices. Our cutting method is done with an ergonomic style in mind for added comfort and sleek design. Then we assemble all the loose pieces to prepare for the fitting of your suit.

7. Fitting

This is one of the most important steps of suit tailoring. You get to try on the mock-up suit, and the Master Tailor will work on each detail on the suit around you until the fit is complete.


8. Re-cutting

After your fitting, we’ll disassemble the suit into all of its individual pieces and re-cut each piece to the dimensions required.

9. Refitting

Fitting and refitting are the most crucial steps in ensuring your suit fits you comfortably to your preference.

10. Suit completed

We will let you know once your suit is completed, and you can pick it up from our shop at your convenience. All our suits come with a complimentary suit cover to protect your newly-made suit and for your ease-of-carry.

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